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Seiko 49er & 49erFX World Championships. Finales en Marsella.

- Nueva Zelanda dominó el "Seiko 49er & 49erFX World Championships" que  se ha celebrado en Marsella con tres equipos  jóvenes, todos menores de 20 años, consiguiendo dos medallas de oro y una de plata

- Los asturianos Federico y Arturo Alonso finalizan novenos en la GOLD Fleet (Top 22)

Kiwis dominate 49er and FX Worlds with 2 gold, 1 silver

New Zealand dominated the Seiko 49er & 49erFX World Championships in Marseille with a dazzling display of confidence and maturity by three young teams all in their early 20s.

First up was the 10-boat, three-race short-course final for the FX women, and Alex Maloney and Molly Meech hammered home their points advantage with a straightforward victory. Behind them was a much tighter battle for silver and bronze that wasn’t settled until the final few seconds of the final race. Brazil’s Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze clinched silver by less than a boatlength from France’s Sarah Steyaert and Julie Bossard.
Immediately afterwards the men raced their three 10-minute heats, and when Peter Burling and Blair Tuke won the first race by a big margin, it looked unlikely any other crew would threaten them for gold. However, they had a poor second heat with a 9th place finish, while their younger team mates Marcus Hansen and Josh Porebski won the race, moving to just 10 points behind the Olympic silver medallists. If they could get four boats between them in the final heat the world title would go to NZL-6 rather than NZL-2, but in the end Burling and Tuke did enough to win the Worlds by 12 points.
Burling and Tuke have won silver at the past two 49er World Championships, plus Olympic silver, and now the gold. “Great to take the win,” said Burling, who also won the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup a month earlier in San Francisco. “Good to give the NZ yachting community a bit to cheer about after what happened with the Cup earlier in the week. For us, we were feeling for them, we know them well, but it was good to just get on with our own little thing and get it on.”
Alex Maloney and Molly Meech capped off a successful first season in the new women’s Olympic skiff with an impressive win in Marseille. “Pretty awesome, especially with the guys winning too,” said Meech, who was also mindful of the tough time for her compatriots in San Francisco. “I think Dean Barker did an amazing performance, and we’re all proud of what Emirates Team New Zealand achieved. But hopefully today’s win will put a smile on a few people’s places. We’ve put a whole lot of hard work into this year, and it’s all paid off. But this is all just one stepping stone to Rio 2016, and it will get harder over the next few years.”
While Kiwi gold was virtually assured going into the final double-points race, the battle for silver and bronze was a tight five-way battle between Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and Brazil. It was close all the way to the finish, with the Dutch winning the race, but crucially for the Brazilians, a second place just enough to secure silver ahead of the French who took bronze. Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze were delighted to win silver, the same colour they won at the Europeans in Denmark two months earlier. “It was great,” said Grael. “Early this morning Kahena had all her belongings stolen from the hotel. She was very, very mad! But I think it helped. We’ll go to the police to report it, but first we celebrate!”
Marseille is the training base for France’s strong 49er and FX squads, and the cheers were loud across the bay as the home team won bronze in both fleets. Manu Dyen has taken most of the last year off since the Olympics, becoming a father for the first time. But today he and crew Stephane Christidis scored their first ever Worlds medal.
Even more impressive was a bronze for Sarah Steyaert and Julie Bossard who only started sailing the 49er FX less than three months earlier. “When we found out we had won the bronze medal, it went crazy. We’re really happy because we have only sailed together since July. We still have a lot of room for improvement. This bodes well for the future.”
Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen relinquished their world crown after winning four of the last five 49er World Championships. They had a shocking start in the first race today, but kept on chipping away and finished 5th overall. Bearing in mind they haven’t raced since winning gold at last year’s Olympics, the opposition know that the Australians remain one of the hot favourites for Rio 2016.
Just ahead in 4th place were Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign who had led for much of the week but suffered in the strong winds of Saturday. The British team still had their sights set on a medal today, but missed out to the French by 3 points. “Pretty hard to take,” said Alain Sign. “We’ve been working all season for this moment. We’ve been sailing well all week, starting and speed is good, but it’s such a fine line in this fleet, and dropping the mainsheet out of a tack in the first race was the difference that cost us a medal. That mistake probably took us from being first or second around the top mark, to being last. We thought we would get across the French boat that won bronze but we had to do a penalty turn. He took a bit of an aim at us, but that’s going to happen in this racing where it’s all about inches.”
No nation is nailing the Olympic skiff like New Zealand right now. Blair Tuke was savouring the moment. “Pete and I haven’t won a world champs since our junior days and to do it here in the 49er, and to have our Kiwi training partners in 2nd place is a dream come true. And to have the girls win the first FX World Championships – a good day for Kiwi yachting.”

Written by Andy Rice,
Fuente: 49er Worlds

- Tamara Echegoyen y Berta Betanzos las mejores españolas

- Las regatistas Movistar se clasificaban para la petit final en aguas francesas y finalizaban la cita intercontinental en la 21ª posición de la general

©Jesus Renedo

Ha finalizado en aguas de Marsella (Francia) el Campeonato del Mundo de 49er y Fx, prueba en la que las regatistas Movistar Támara Echegoyen y Berta Betanzos han firmado una gran actuación accediendo a la petit final tras clasificarse en la primera posición del grupo plata y finalizando la cita como la mejor tripulación española.
Sin lugar a dudas, el gran protagonista de la cita intercontinental ha sido el viento. Si bien durante las jornadas previas predominaron los vientos fuertes, nada más comenzar el campeonato el viento brillaba por su ausencia cada mañana, provocando largas esperas en tierra e impidiendo que el Comité de Regatas pudiese cumplir el programa de regatas. Finalmente, el viento llegó a la costa francesa y las tripulaciones participantes pudieron navegar las dos últimas jornadas con vientos de más de 15 nudos de intensidad.


Echegoyen y Betanzos, mejor tripulación española en el Mundial
Buena actuación del tándem Movistar formado por la gallega Támara Echegoyen y la cántabra Berta Betanzos. A pesar de que las condiciones de poco viento que se dieron al comenzar el campeonato no eran las más favorables para las españolas, Támara y Berta se mostraban contentas con su estreno en el Mundial. “Estamos muy contentas con la progresión con poco viento. Estamos en el camino correcto y hay que ir paso a paso”, afirmaba la patrona.
Así, tras tres primeras jornadas clasificatorias, las regatistas españolas accedían a las series finales en el grupo plata –reservada para las tripulaciones colocadas a partir del 21º puesto- y lograban llegar a la penúltima jornada de competición en lo más alto de su grupo.
De esta manera Támara y Berta accedían a la petit final, prueba a la que accedían únicamente las tripulaciones clasificadas entre el 11º y el 21º puesto. Finalmente, las regatistas Movistar finalizaban la cita en la 21ª posición y se convertían también en la mejor tripulación española en el primer mundial de la clase.
Por delante, el título mundial fue a parar a manos de las neozelandesas Alexandra Maloney y Molly Meech, seguidas de las brasileñas Martine Soffiati y Kahena Kunze en la segunda posición. El podio en esta ocasión lo cerraba el tándem francés formado por Sarah Steyaert y Julie Bossard con el bronce final.

Robles y Codina, mejorando día a día
En la categoría 49er, no lo tenían nada fácil los regatistas Movistar Carlos Robles y Dani Codina, quienes tuvieron que enfrentarse a una de las flotas más potentes. Finalmente, los recién estrenados en la vela olímpica finalizaban su primer Mundial en la 14ª posición del grupo Bronce y regresan a casa con ganas de seguir mejorando y practicando todo lo aprendido en la cita intercontiental.
Por delante, el oro definitivo fue para la tripulación neozelandesa formada por Peter Burling y Blair Tuke. Segundos fueron los también neozelandeses Marcus Hansen y Josh Porebski y terceros los franceses Manu Dyen y Stéphane Christidis.

Clasificación FINAL. Mundial 49er Fx
1. Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech (NZL), 78 puntos
2. Martine Soffiati/Kahena Kunze (BRA), 98 puntos
3. Sarah Steyaert/Julie Bossard (FRA), 100 puntos
4. Giulia Conti/Francessa Clapcich (ITA), 106 puntos
5. Annemiek Bekkering/Claire Blom (NED), 107,7 puntos

... hasta 53 clasificadas.

Clasificación FINAL. Mundial 49er
1. Peter Burling/Blair Tuke (NZL), 72 puntos
2. Marcus Hansen/Josh Porebski (NZL), 84 puntos
3. Manu Dyen/Stéphane Christidis (FRA), 94 puntos
4. Dylan Fletcher/Alain Sign (GBR), 97 puntos
5. Nathan Outteridge/Iain Jensen (AUS), 101 puntos

… hasta 97 clasificados.

Fuente: Prensa Deportistas Movistar

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