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Un optimista "Gran Pavois 2013" (Salón Náutico en La Rochelle)

Los datos:
- 92.000 visitantes durante seis días del show
- Un aumento significativo en la calidad de los visitantes
- "Un ligero repunte que tranquiliza a los profesionales de la navegación"
- Servicios de Grand Pavois apreciadas por los profesionales y visitantes

The 2013 edition of Grand Pavois was a success in terms of the quantity of new products exhibited (more than 100 new boats exhibited out of the 550 boats present), the number of highlights which marked this year’s event, and the overriding atmosphere. 92,000 visitors (compared to 89,000 in 2012) made their way around the pontoons this year and the expectations for this year’s event appear to have been met for many professionals. A positive sign for the profession, but caution is still necessary after the past two difficult years. Make note of the dates for 2014: from 17 to 22 September.

An important business event!
The presence of 800 international exhibitors has proved it: Grand Pavois is known and recognised as a trade show for business. And, the 2013 event confirms the rule, despite the complex economic climate in which the profession finds itself. Sales, numerous estimates, a large number of post-show appointments: Grand Pavois is still very much one of the Top 5 major international in-water shows and an essential event for enthusiasts and professionals, who see, in the event, sales prospects for the coming year.
Alain Pochon (President of Grand Pavois): “Grand Pavois continues to be a show for business. These six days have demonstrated that the Atlantic show is still a key date for professionals in the international boat show calendar. In concrete terms, boats were sold, with volumes worthy of 2010/2011, which is a positive sign for the coming year. Will the trend be confirmed over the coming months? We hope so. In terms of motor boats, the 7 to 8-metre units worked well, a sizeable segment which enables shipyards to produce quantity. Boats over 40 feet also worked well, not to mention a growing interest in trawlers. Sales for 40/45 foot vessels continue to be good and there is also a real interest in yachts, not to mention multihulls which were a great success. This is definitely a market segment we are going to work on. The major general shipyards made good progress compared to the previous year, which is a positive sign for 2014. Therefore, it really is possible to talk about a slight upturn, something which is encouraging for sailing professionals after this Grand Pavois event”.

92,000 visitors in six days
“We did not achieve the 100,000 visitors of 2010 but we are ending this Grand Pavois with about 92,000 visitors. Good attendance compared to last year, but, above all, there has been a significant development in the quality of our visitors, therefore we will continue to help our exhibitors by attracting quality potential clients. On that subject, the Premium Lounge Space was a great hit and contracts were signed there and the exhibitors who used the service (valet service, private space, etc.) were satisfied. The Concierge service was also greatly appreciated. We need to work on the toll-free number for visitors in order to facilitate their attendance and ensure that it is used more. We already have some ideas for Grand Pavois 2014.”

Guest of Honour: Martinique
Luc de Grandmaison (Councillor of Martinique, Executive Director of the Martinique Tourism Committee): “Our presence here has been a success and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to present the treasures and sailing assets of Martinique, as well as a number of other things. We have returned home with some very good contacts and we hope to be able to come back with other exhibitors in order to show the quality of Martinique as a destination to the greatest number”.

The agenda of the Grand Pavois association…
Christophe Vieux (General Commission of Grand Pavois): “Although the Grand Pavois team is already looking to the 2014 event, remember that there are two other events coming up. The first edition of Salao Nautico International de Itajai in Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina, from 11 to 16 February, a show which has made a good start since we already have about thirty registrations after just a few weeks of sales. Next, for Marseille Provence Metropole, we will be organising Les Nauticales in La Ciotat which will be held from 15 to 23 March. As for Grand Pavois itself, the show will be held from 17 to 22 September 2014”.

What needs to be remembered from the 2013 event…

Name: Le Grand Pavois
Venue: Port des Minimes in La Rochelle
Dates: Wednesday 25 to Monday 30 September 2013 from 10 am to 7 pm
Surface area: 100,000 m2
Exhibitors: 800 exhibitors from 35 countries
Boats exhibited: 550 boats exhibited
Guest of honour 2013: Martinique
Number of visitors: 92,000 visitors

Fuente: Prensa Grand Pavois

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